Another Brigid’s Octomino

This has become one of my favourite subjects for embroidery since I was first told about it some years ago. It is an example of a similarity tiling. They make lovely patterns for any type of embroidery. I usually use a cushion stitch as squares are probably the basis of most tilings. This time though I wanted to experiment a bit and decided to use a different stitch. Lozenge stitch was the one chosen and it results in a very unusual octomino.IMG_8010The lozenge stitch makes an elongated rhombus, which results in a very elongated octomino. There are eight octominos in the complete composition. To highlight them I have used two different threads.

One is a bright single strand red in silk from the Debbie Bliss range. Made in Romania the threads are primarily for knitting, but I love the soft feel of them and use them sparingly in my embroidery.

The other is a variegated pima cotton from the Caron Watercolours range. I chose Tequila Sunrise to go with the red.

The fabric is a 16 count Aida in white. The work is fairly easy and the stitching was completed in just under five hours. Using quite thick threads means the surface has as raised look to it.

I have temporarily put the finished piece in an oval hoop. It is a woodgrain flexi hoop and I found it almost impossible to get the finished work to fit into the hoop. I did succeed, but the piece is not centred. Not sure how one is meant to achieve this. Anyway it looks OK, so I will leave it around for a few days before deciding what to do. I like the oval shape, but it is a bit too awkward to use, so not sure if I will buy any more.

Happy stitching!


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