Green and Magenta Circles

I have just complete another Free Form Bargello composition. This time the design is based on circles. For this I used an old fashioned compass. The centre is a complete circle, while the rest is made up of part circles. The combination of green and magenta is quite bold. Here is the finished piece.IMG_2395

The predominant colour is green in various shades. The other colour is shades of magenta. The surround is in two shades of white, combined, with a bit of green to tie in with the main colour. All the threads are Paternayan Persian wool. The circle patterns were stitched using all three strands of the wool, while the surround was stitched with only two strands, one of each of the two shades of white. I used two strands as an attempt to make the central area stand out a bit more.  The fabric is an 11ct white interlock canvass.

This composition, like the previous one is part of my ongoing aim to use up my stash of Paternayan wool. Still have some left, so at least one more Free Form Bargello may be on the horizon.

2 thoughts on “Green and Magenta Circles

  1. This may be one of my favorites Like you I have yarn to use up. I was going to do another Bargello pillow with it but this looks like more fun. Your use of colors are perfect. I enjoy your blog, thank you for writing. Your works are inspiring. My favorite form of needlework is Bargello too. My next challenge will be 4 way. I just haven’t found the right pattern. I also want to do a chair seat in stripes. Any thoughts on stripes would be appreciated.


    J Lynn

  2. Thanks for your kind comments, very much appreciated. Bargello is a lovely form of embroidery, with so any options. I started on 4way patterns last year after someone gave me a second hand book: Four Way Bargello by Dorothy Kaestner. My copy was published in 1983, so may not be in print. I may be able to email you some of the patterns in the book, if that would be of interest to you.


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