Gardens in Blebo Craigs

Blebo Craigs is a very small village in North East Fife, about five miles to the west of St Andrews. It was originally the site of two quarries and most of the houses were cottages. The quarries have long since closed and the village is now a very up-market place. Earlier this month some of the gardens in the village were open to the public as part of Scotland’s Gardens programme. We went there with some friends on the Sunday afternoon and a lovely sunny day it was. All the gardens were beautiful and some just amazing. Below are a selection of photos from the gardens. First a view of the countryside around the village.IMG_2368

Though the quarries have gone, the remains of one are now part of a large woodland type garden.IMG_2310

As expected, many of the gardens had all kinds of sculptures and other interesting features. Below is a giant wooden puffin and one of the most impressive scarecrows I have come across.IMG_2320IMG_2362

The remaining photos show some of the lovely flowers to be seen. But first a newly built water feature.IMG_2333IMG_2345IMG_2353IMG_2369IMG_2337


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