More Bargello

I have just finished another Bargello piece. This time it was repeat of a previous work, though in different colours and with different patterns. Here is the latest version.IMG_1620

It features a couple of wavy lines which almost, but not quite overlap. These lines were stitched with three strands in dark green cotton. The trammed vertical and horizontal lines were stitched with all six strands of Rajmahal Silk/Rayon in peacock green. For the two Bargello patterns I used three strands of cotton threads. The two lighter shades are DMC, while the other three are from Anchor. The fabric is an 18ct Aida in a muted greyish green. I quite like this colour combination of plum and green.

The first version of this design was stitched in green and yellow. The Bargello patterns were in green, while the dividing lines were stitched in a bright yellow. This version I managed to put into a frame I found in a charity shop. I never got round to giving this piece a title. It is just an abstract composition. Here is the first version in its frame. Happy stitching.P1040651


2 thoughts on “More Bargello

  1. Still works for me Alister! Went to Packwood again a couple of weeks ago and stood looking at the bargello dining room and thinking of you!

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