This is Not a Studio

The photo above shows where I do almost all my stitching work.  And as you can see it is most definitely not a studio.  It is not even a workplace.  I was tempted to write this post by one that appeared on Dreaming in Stitches’ blog – here. A post about where she works – on a sofa.  I occasionally stitch while sitting on a sofa, but I find it too uncomfortable.  I need to have something solid on which to keep all the bits and pieces that I need when stitching.  So I use the table in our living room.  It is right beside the bay window so I get plenty of good light.  As I do most of my work in the mornings, this means I can work in daylight except in the depths of winter.  It is a lovely Italian designed wooden table, but my wife is so terrified that I will damage the surface while working that it is almost permanently covered in a garish plastic table cloth.  Makes glueing a bit easier though.

It would though be very nice to have my own studio, something alas that is never going to happen, unless I win the lottery.  I guess I would need to buy a ticket first.  What would be really nice though would be to have my own workplace or rather storage space.  At present all the things to go with stitching get stored higgledy-piggledy in our spare room.  This also doubles up as a mini library, computer room and general dumping ground, so it is always overcrowded.  I try to keep as much as possible, especially threads in boxes which pile up on the lower shelves, as you can see below.

Fabric just gets shoved anywhere I can find a space, often at the back of the sofa.  And of course there is nowhere proper to display finished pieces.  Some get stuck on the bookshelf, though this does look very odd.  Others are kept hidden away in a box.  If there are any other stitchers reading this, where do you work and store your things?

While not moaning about my lack of a proper work and storage place, I continue stitching.  I am now well into my latest project which is a kind of follow-on to my last one.  At least it has an outer border, a central section and bits in between.  This one too has a bit of making it up as I go along.  Though in this case I have worked out in advance the broad outlines of the composition.  How the various sections come together is a bit of a mystery.  What is new about this project is that apart from the outer border, I am not using cotton threads.  The main body will be stitched in Rajmahal Art Silk threads, which are in fact a mixture of rayon and silk.  Lovely and bright though, but difficult to work with. I have just about completed one half of the design.  As I like symmetrical designs the other half will be similar, but in reverse and with a slightly different colour sequence.  This part of the design is made up of various Bargello patterns, all in vertical stitches.  The rest of the composition will be done in diagonal stitches for contrast.  I have still to work out what to put in the central section, though I have decided on the size, which is why part of the inner border is already stitched.  For this section I plan to use metallic threads.  Should take me another week to finish this off.  Here is what it looks like at the moment.  Good stitching to one and all.

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