2021 Peppermint Purple SAL

I haven’t previously been a fan of SALs, but this year I have started three, all from Peppermint Purple. Dutch tiles was finished earlier in the year, while the Moroccan tiles is still on the go and won’t be finished until next year. However the first one I started, which was a year long SAL is now finally finished. This was a free one and comprised a weekly pattern. Hence the wait until today to finish. Here it is.

As you can see this is a Blackwork composition. Quite an achievement on the part of Clare from Peppermint Purple to come up with 52 different blackwork designs! Like them all, though some more than others. The fabric is 18ct Aida in white. The threads are all DMC cotton and I used a mixture of one and two strands for the stitching.

As regards the colour scheme, I decided to vary a bit from the one recommended by Clare. My choice was to limit myself to two broad colour ranges. The first is a mix of blue and violet, while the other is a mix of rose, plum and garnet. I divided the blocks into four quadrants with the two colour schemes in opposite quadrants. Quite pleased with this outcome.

For the border I decided to go for my own. The outer edge is a simple hexagon, stitched with a dark purple from the Sulky range. The inner border is a pattern from The Art of Blackwork Embroidery by Rosemary Drysdale. I chose this one as I wanted a light and open border that would not distract from the main body. Another Sulky thread was used, this time a variegated one blue, purple and pink.

The work lasted a whole year and took up 57 hours of stitching. Well worth it. Next week I start on another one – the 2022 SAL. If you fancy trying it out check here. Happy stitching!

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