5 Easy Pieces – Series 3, No 2

Another of my Bargello pieces finished yesterday. All feature five sections, hence the titles. Usually I use five different patterns, but this time I limited it to three.


For the central section I tried out an oval shape. A bit of a palaver to stitch this, but I think it works OK. This section is stitched in four shades of green. The other two colours, rose and lavender, make up a split complementary scheme to the green in the RGB colour scheme. At least that’s my story.

The three patterns are all quite different, which I hope makes for a harmonious whole. The fabric is a 14 count Aida. A soft fabric, but easy to stitch on.

The coloured threads are all from the DMC Tapestry range. A lovely wool yarn and good to work with. It worked well on the 14 count Aida, leaving virtually none of the fabric showing through.

I wanted a design that used some wavy lines. These I stitched in whipped stem stitch, using a 2ply Appleton wool in a very dark purple. Not sure if this really works. But overall I am quite pleased with this piece. Now to start thinking about No3! Happy stitching.

4 thoughts on “5 Easy Pieces – Series 3, No 2

  1. I like it very much! Though, I’v’e never seen a green rugby ball before … I can feel some bargello in my near future, and it’s partly down to you: I liked your colourful interpretation of the Zebra Cushion, a few months ago, and when I spotted the Brenda Day Bargello book in a second-hand bookshop in a little seaside village near where I live, I pounced. For which I thank you – her ideas are lovely. And I’m looking forward to #3 too. All the best from springtime South Africa

    • Trust a South African to put a rugby interpretation to a work of embroidery. Though a green ball would not be a bad idea. Brenda Day’s book is excellent. I’ve used a few of her ideas. It’s autumn here in Scotland and rather dreich, but best wishes and good luck with your Bargello adventures.

    • Thank you, I have stitched quite a few 4-way bargello patterns. Though not for a long time. Your reminder may be just what I needed to revisit this form. I have a lovely 1983 edition of Dorothy Kaestner’s Four Way Bargello for inspiration.

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