Three Little Blackwork Squares

During the first half of June I was busy with this little Blackwork project. Three squares each with its own Blackwork pattern. IMG_0521As you can see, each embroidery piece fits into a square card mount. These are 14cmx14cm. The Blackwork pieces are six cm square.

The fabric is a 32 ct Murano in white. This fabric is a rayon/cotton mix and is quite easy to work with. I did each square in the same thread. Unusually for Blackwork, at least for me, this time I chose a variegated thread. This was from the Anchor stranded cotton range and is a fine mix of blues, pinks and purples. As usual with my Blackwork I stitched the pieces with a mixture of one, two and three stands of the cotton.

Each of the patterns has a centre stitch or stitches. Quite often I would leave some of these empty. However on this occasion I decided to completely fill every gap. Just to ensure that the full effect of the pattern emerges.

I am quite pleased with the finished product, though as usual not sure what to do with them. Each piece took between nine and ten hours of stitching. Slow work indeed!

I am still on a Blackwork roll and my current project also features a variegated thread. This time just in blues.  Happy stitching.

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