Two that got away

This is a cautionary tale, suitable perhaps for this time of the year. Oh, how easy it is get things wrong, very wrong. Exhibit One.IMG_8478This, or a similar combination of three pomegranate motifs is one I have used twice before. So it should have been easy peasy to repeat for the third time. But, alas, no! Each pomegranate is supposed to be equidistant from the other two. However you can see quite clearly that the gap on the upper right is almost twice as large as the other two. Horror!

What made it all the worse is that I did not notice this error until I had finished stitching. How dumb can you get! Apart from this, I rather liked the work – the stitches and the colour combination.  Moral of the tale – check and then recheck your design, before starting to stitch!

Exhibit TwoIMG_7704This one should have been even easier – just five concentric circles. But no, you can’t rely on anything being easy. Despite possessing a good compass, I was clearly unable to draw five simple circles onto the fabric.  The inner circle is just about OK. Thereafter they get more and more skewed. It should not be that difficult to draw circles on fabric. It seems to be for me though.

At least this time I recognised my error right away. Nevertheless I decided to finish the piece as it was a bit of an experiment anyway.  To use different shades of the same colour as the fabric. With five different threads and five different stitches. That part worked not too bad. Definitely worth doing again, correctly this time.

I have decided to keep both pieces, as reminders of how easy it is to get things wrong. All before any stitching. I also have two New Year’s resolutions. 1. Must check each design before stitching. 2. Learn how to draw accurately circles on fabric.  Can’t be that difficult?

Happy, error free stitching!


One thought on “Two that got away

  1. I admire your skill at designing your own projects, and trying new things. Gives me the courage to try something similar on my own! Errors are part of the learning process.

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