Two Black Swans

Another embroidery project completed and another experiment. Traditional Palestinian embroidery is nearly always made up of lots of bright vibrant colours. This time I decided to use just black, with a tiny amount of cream, on a red fabric. Here is the finished piece.img_4473

The fabric is an 18ct Aida in bright red, while the threads are from the DMC cotton range. I used two strands for the cross stitches. The four designs or motifs are all from the patterns used traditional Palestinian embroidery. Just not normally in one colour.

The centre piece is the two swans. Not that swans are particularly common in Palestine, but this pattern was common in pattern books. The upper right and bottom left motif is an olive branch, while the upper left and bottom right motif is a carnation. The border is known as the snail.

This was a bit of an experiment as I have never tried traditional Palestinian  work with just one colour. The result is a bit unusual, but quite effective I think. The size is 12cm x 17cm and fits nicely into one of my IKEA black rimmed frames.

I have a couple of ideas in mind for my next projects. The first will be a simple illustration of the lighthouse at Tayport, while the second will be a merlin in flight, in blackwork. Happy stitching!


One thought on “Two Black Swans

  1. This is lovely. I loved the touch of white as an accent. Should love nice in a black frame. You might have to take one wall in your house and have floor to ceiling needle work pictures hanging. Next you might have to make up a few pillows. Our last house I had a room that I displayed all my work. It’s amazing when it’s all together to see your body of work. I’m photographing all my needlework now and filling albums. I’ve given so much away that I forget about some of the work. I’m still finishing up 2 old pieces. I’m ready for something new.

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