Bargello in two colours

My latest embroidery project was another Bargello medley. This time around the challenge was to use only, or almost only, two colours. I decided on this as last year while visiting Meiringen in Switzerland I bought a couple of bundles of thread. There was an outdoor market in the town and one of the stalls had a lovely range of threads and fabrics. Which I found irresistible, surprise, surprise! The two I bought were both Swiss made silk threads which look a bit like a perle cotton. One was made with the addition of a small amount of seaweed. Anyway, as usual they have lain around in a box for over a year, so it was time to use them or lose them!

This time I went for a restricted Bargello medley.  To make the most of these particular threads I decided to make them the focus of the colour range. I added a little pattern in two shades of blue from the Au ver à Soie range, just to add a bit of variety. img_4438

The fabric is a 16ct Aida and the overall size is 17cm x 12cm, chosen to fit into an IKEA frame. There are only four Bargello patterns in the piece, which I think works quite well, as does the dominance of just two colours. Happy stitching!



3 thoughts on “Bargello in two colours

  1. This is one of my favorite Bargello of yours. I have been waiting to see how you would do 2 colors. I love it. If I wanted to do a piece like this, do you have any suggestions? I would be working on 12 ct canvas in wool and add different fibers for the accent. After seeing this I’m going to pull out what I had started in 2 colors. I can’t find the words to tell you how much I love your work and blog. I look forward to every post. Stop me before I start blathering. 😂 J Lynn

  2. Thanks for your very generous comments. Wool is great for Bargello work and I loved using Paternayan Persian wool. Not sure if it is still available. With just two colours I would reckon a smaller rather than a large piece. Also I went for patterns that were fairly simple in structure and would still show up with only two colours. Diamond patterns are quite good for example. Good luck with your project. I would love to see it when finished. Alister

  3. Thank you for the tips. I had thought of working larger, because of the amount of yarn I have in the two colors. Might have to do two projects, doing them in reverse. This will be fun, I’ve never tried to design my own piece, thanks for the encouragement. Right now I have 2 projects to finish up, but like most needlepointers I’m always planning ahead. Wouldn’t want to be caught without a project. I’ve always enjoyed the painted canvases but cost wise they are now out of my league. So I have yarn, I have canvases, and books, and time to get creative. I love the way you design your needlework from your travels. You have me looking at everything as a design. My husband and I are retired and travel mostly here at home in the states. I used to bring a printed canvas back, now I’m going to be taking lots of pictures that might lend itself to a lovely memory. Sorry how I go on. I am a pretty quiet person until it comes to stitching. It has been my passion for 57 years.

    Best wishes,
    J Lynn

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