I have now finished my latest embroidery project. This started life with the thread – a lovely Louisa Harding yarn from the Amitola range. This is a variegated wool/silk mix.img_4170 The colours go from brown through orange, purple on to pink. Though in this case only the first three colour ranges came into play. The photo above shows the brown and orange shades that make up the bulk of the piece. I had bought this yarn a year ago at a sale in a fabric shop in Pittenweem and it has lain around in a  box as I figured out how to use it. The yarn is of course meant for knitting, but I liked the colours so much that I went ahead and bought it, with no idea of how I could use it in embroidery.

Finally a few weeks back I decided that enough was enough and I had better start using the yarn or just give it away to a knitter and put it out of its misery. I felt that some kind of crewel design would be the most appropriate way to use the thread. Though funnily enough the design I did end up with is based on a pattern from a Bargello book. This consists of four pomegranate motifs which combine to form a cymbidium orchid.  img_4200

The fabric is a plain linen. The pomegranates are each stitched in block shading on the outer edges and for the inner edge I used a padded satin stitch. I reserved the darkest brown for the outline of the cymbidium, which I stitched with stem stitch. The outer circle is a heavy chain stitch. I have swithered as to leaving the piece as it is or whether to add some more stitches inside the circle. At the moment I like the simplicity of the composition as it stands. It also has a slight Celtic look about it which I like.

Currently I am working my way slowly on another Bargello medley. Though this time I have restricted myself to just two main colours. Not usual for Bargello patterns. I will need to wait for completion to see if it works or not.  Happy stitching!


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