Freiburg series No2

Before leaving on holiday to Lisbon and the Azores, I did manage to finish stitching my second pattern based on designs from the cobblestone streets in Freiburg. As with the others this one is enclosed in a circle. The inside features six elongated ovals. Each oval is divided in two along a centre line. One side is a negative image of the other. imageThe outer circle is again stitched with heavy chain stitch in pink. The centre is also in pink or azalea as the French company likes to call this colour. The outline of the ovals are stitched with stem stitch. For the ovals I used all three shades of the blue and violet threads. The long sides were stitched with long and short stitches, while the smaller sections were stitched with padded satin stitches. All the threads are lovely single strand wool from the Fine d’aubusson collection. I also used the same blue linen fabric as for the first in this series.

I am now taking a break from this crewel embroidery series to do a bit of blackwork. Though I fully intend to complete two more pieces in this series.


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