More 4 Way Bargello

Bargello embroidery is one of my favourite types of embroidery. I do a lot of projects using Bargello patterns. A particularly fun form of Bargello is 4 Way patterns. These combine vertical and horizontal stitches. I now have a good store of 4 Way patterns from the book on Four Way Bargello by Dorothy Kaestner. Recently I have completed two more designs from the book. In both cases I have made some slight adaptions to the designs in the book, as I want the finished pieces to fit into 12cmx12cm IKEA frames. The fabric in both cases is an 18ct Aida in light green. Most of the threads were Anchor cotton, though a few were DMC. In both patterns I used three strands.  Below is the first design.IMG_2288

This is one of the few designs that comes with a title – Undulations. To fully appreciate the undulations the pattern needs to be much, much larger. But even with this small version you get an idea of how the pattern waves or undulates around. The pattern is also a bit unusual in that there are 12 different colours to be seen. Though as with  many Bargello patterns, the differences in colour are often very slight. The main colours are violets, mauves and pinks. At some stage I will try this pattern in a much larger scale.

The second 4 Way pattern is more traditional and each of the four sections stands out quite clearly.IMG_2300

Like most of the patterns in the book, this one has no specific title. I went for a very simple colour scheme – greens with a touch of magenta for contrast. I used a very dark green to outline the pattern, medium greens for the transition and a very pale green for the rest. I am quite pleased with this pattern and will soon, I hope, repeat it with in blues with yellow, and turquoises with red.



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