Orange, yellow and blue

My latest embroidery project is now finished, at least the stitching part. It is a fairly simple abstract design in orange, yellow and blue threads.File 01-06-2016, 14 15 07

The inspiration for this composition came (loosely) from an idea in Brenda Day’s book – Bargello. There she used the zebra as the basis for a design. In my case I wanted to use up more of my stash of Paternayan persian wool. The fabric is an 11ct penelope canvass.

I started out by drawing a few curving lines on the canvass and then began stitching – simple vertical lines each over six meshes. Except where sections meet at points etc. Originally I intended to work with just orange and yellow threads. However I quickly realised that I did not have enough of these two colours to fill the canvass. So I decided to add a bit of blue as a nice contrast to both the orange and the yellow. But I also felt that these additional bits in blue should not be more curved sections. Hence the blocks of colour that break up the original design idea.

I had a (very) flimsy idea of a composition to begin with, but almost immediately I just started to make the design up as I stitched along. This is a fun way of embroidery, basically free-form bargello.

I am quite pleased with the outcome which is nice and bright, kind of Aztec like in a way. Will now lie around for a while, as I try to figure out what to do with it. I managed to use up all of the orange threads and most of the yellow, with a little blue still left. There is still a fair amount of reds, greens and purples in my stash. Another free-form bargello in the pipeline?


One thought on “Orange, yellow and blue

  1. Yes! Let us see more! I really am a fan of free-form, once you get the taste for making it up as you go along it opens all sorts of possibilities – go for it, we’re starting to see the inner you. 🙂

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