Fabric Postcards 2

My second go at fabric postcards is now complete. You can see my first attempts here. This time I went for something in Blackwork. Though as you will see there is no black to be seen. The fabric is a 28ct Brittney mix of cotton and rayon in pine green. For the stitching I used silk threads. Here is the completed postcard.IMG_2235The composition features two of Brigid’s octominos.  As I was going to use Blackwork patterns for the octominos, I decided I needed to outline each of the octominos. For this I choose a silver green thread from au ver à soie. I used one strand of the silk thread for a whipped backstitch outline. This proved much harder than expected and the hardest and most difficult part of the whole project. Partly due to the fineness of the fabric, but mainly because the silver green thread was very similar to the colour of the fabric. This was deliberate on my part, as I did not want the outline to dominate. But it did make the stitching very hard.

Each octomino is stitched with two Blackwork patterns and I used two different threads to emphasise each pattern.  One was stitched with two strands of au ver à soie silk in red carnation. The other pattern was stitched with four strands of Glisten Colorwash silk in Flame. These patterns did require a bit of patience and concentration, but were easier than the outlines.

The finished piece has now been assembled and is on its way to Winterthur in Switzerland. If you fancy entering a postcard in this event, here is the website. Happy stitching!




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