Back to Stitching

After a brief gap while on holiday in Switzerland, I am back again stitching. This time the project is a bit of a filler, in all senses. I want to use up most of what remains of my stash of Paternayan Persian wool. I also wanted to use some of the Caron Watercolours that have been lying around for a couple of years or more.  The project itself is a kind of sampler, as I will use a variety of diagonal stitches. There is no design as such, though I plan to end up with a 50cmx50cm canvass. Here is the current state of play.IMG_1819I am using a 10ct penelope canvass for this piece. The central square is a Jacquard stitch mainly in Iris Watercolour with wool for the thin line. The outer squares are stitched with the Milanese stitch in Fuchsia from the Watercolour range. As luck would have it, I ran out of both the Iris and Fuchsia threads, so had to order more. So much for using up old stash!

For the rest I am limiting myself to pinks, violets and fuchsia colours in the Persian wool, with a bit of blue to go with the Iris thread. So far so good. I have just about completed a 24cmx24cm square, which is less than half my intended goal. Hope I can keep up the momentum and inspiration for the rest!



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