Fabric Postcards 1

I have happily come across the world of fabric postcards via a link on I love embroidery – UK.  The link was to a Swiss site hosting a mail art project. The project invites participants to submit, by posting, up to three fabric postcards. Any kind of fabric/textile art can be used. I will limit myself to hand embroidery. The theme for the project is In Between and the designs have somehow to represent this.

I have now completed two of these fabric postcards. Both use Traditional Palestinian motifs. The first one represents Hearts among the stars and features small red heats and different coloured stars.IMG_1683

The second postcard represents Rosebuds between lilies.IMG_1678

Both postcards were stitched in cross stitch, the preferred stitch for traditional Palestinian embroidery. The fabric is 16it Aida in black, and I used two strands of DMC cotton.

To turn the embroidery into a postcard you need some kind of solid material as a backing. I used Peltext 72F double sided fusible stabyliser from Pellon. This is a firm, but flexible material. For the backing I used some old calico fabric. You just sandwich the peltext between the embroidery and the calico and iron on. Even I managed to do this. You can even stitch through the peltext if you wanted.

This is what the back looked like before adding the address.IMG_1689

Unfortunately, calico is quite difficult to write on. At least without a very, very fine pen, which I do not possess. It is not just the address in Switzerland that has to go on the back, but all the details about the design and yourself – email address etc. So I printed out a postcard label and wrote all the details on this and then glued the paper to the calico back. Here is the completed back of the postcard I sent off.IMG_1677

I now await with excitement to see if it really does arrive in Winterthur. You can send in up to three postcards and if this one does arrive I plan to do two more in different embroidery styles. For more information about this project visit In between/dazwischen.


2 thoughts on “Fabric Postcards 1

  1. Dear Alister

    I found it today in my mailbox!! Thank you for participating and sharing!
    I didn’t know that it is a traditional Palestinian pattern – very interesting!

    Looking forward to receiving two more 😉


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