The Artist at Work


This post is a bit of self-indulgence. I must also beg forgiveness for the temerity of referring to myself as an artist. However, in my excuse I have just had the recent experience of being photographed, not once, but twice, by two different professional photographers. All of course in the worthwhile interest of promoting the current exhibition of the Great Tapestry of Scotland, which has finally come to Dundee. The photo above, was one of a couple taken in my home to show me at work. This of course is not how I would place the frame whilst stitching, but the photographer felt it made a good shot. Who am I to disagree. For added effect I was asked to put out a couple of examples of other pieces.

The other photographer came to the Verdant Works, site of the exhibition to take some shots in situ as it were. One was of myself looking at the panel I had the pleasure to be involved with. As there are only two panels which are specific to Dundee, you can see why they were chosen for this shoot. This particular photo was chosen for the front page of the local newspaper, The Courier, to highlight the exhibition. IMG_1658

The exhibition, which will show just over half of the panels, due to space restrictions, is in the Verdant Works. This is a former jute mill, which has been restored and is now home to Scotland’s Jute Museum. It is well worth a visit to see working examples of all the machines involved in this important part of our history. The exhibition itself is in the High Mill, a newly renovated section of the works. Below is a glimpse of some of the panels in this impressive space. Alas this photo was taken my myself, and not a professional, as the Tapestry team were setting up the panels.IMG_1654


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