Wandering Threads Exhibition

Last Saturday I was down in Peebles for the opening of a new exhibition.  The exhibition is entitled Wandering Threads and is to showcase work by members of the Embroiderers Guild in Scotland. In this case it is not only the threads that wander, but the exhibition itself, which tours Scotland between now and November. The show covers all kinds of textile art and I am pleased to say that I have three pieces on display. I was particularly excited about this, as it is the first time that I have submitted work for selection, and all three pieces were selected.

Peebles is a lovely douce Borders town, and with the Borders one of the historic centres of textiles in Scotland, a suitable choice for hosting the opening. The exhibition was officially opened by Andrew Crummy, the artist who drew all the panels for the Great Tapestry of Scotland. It was good to meet up with Andrew again, who seems to be still busy with tapestry projects.

If you fancy visiting the exhibition then here are the details of the venues and times.

12-MAR-2016 TO 07-NOV-2016

An exhibition of textile art by members of the Scottish Region. This will travel around Scotland to selected venues from March until November
Peebles 12-03- 16 until 16-04-2016
Ayr 08-05-16 until 05-06-2016
Aberdeen 08-06-2016 until 02-07-2016
Inverness 06-07-2016 until 30-07-2016
Dumfries 01-10-2016 until 07-11-2016
Opening Times/Charges/Phone:
Check venues for opening times
Peebles – Tweeddale Museum and Art Gallery
Ayr- McLaurin Gallery, Rozelle House
Aberdeen – Union Square
Inverness – Eden Court Theatre
Dumfries – Gracefield Art Centre

Brigid’s Octomino (2)

My most recent embroidery project was another foray into the world of fractals. Brigid’s Octomino is probably the easiest to work in embroidery, as it is also a similarity tiling. Basically this means that eight octominos can combine to form a bigger octomino which in turn combine to make an even bigger octomino.  The process can go on indefinitely, though you do end up with an awful lot of octominos.  I limit myself to 64 of them. I did my first one way back in 2011 and this time I doubled the size of each square and limited myself to two colours – pinks and greens. to highlight each octomino I used two shades of pink and green.  Here it is.IMG_1631

The fabric is a 16t Aida in black and I used three strands of DMC cotton. Each square is in cushion stitch. Each octomino stands out quite clearly and the overall shape is one big octomino.

For my current project I have returned to blackwork, though once again, not in black. A rather bright fuchsia in silk. So far it is a pretty dense set of patterns.  Happy stitching.


2 thoughts on “Wandering Threads Exhibition

  1. Wow congratulations! Sounds like an excellent exhibition. Who knows, if I get to Inverness in the summer I might be able to go. Love the hot pinks you’ve used there.

  2. Thanks Anny, the exhibition is good, with lots of textile art and Inverness is always worth a visit. I have been up there for a long time, so I might manage a wee excursion myself.

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