A Day on Mt Titlis

In September 2014, during our annual holiday in Switzerland with Emma and Alessio, we took a day trip to Mt Titlis in the Bernese Oberland. The mountain reaches 3238m high and lies close to the small town of Engelberg. Luckily we had a beautiful sunny day to enjoy the vistas. The final stage of the journey to the top is by the world’s first revolving cablecar. Saves your neck muscles! The top station is at 3028m near Klein Titlis, the lower of the mountain’s two summits. The area around the top station is quite spectacular. In addition to the outside views and activities, there is a walk through a glacier cave and the usual cafes and shops.

Below are some photos from the top. First a view up towards what is probably the top summit, then Emma and Alessio walking on the snow.P1080035


One of the, slightly scary, attractions is to walk along the cliff walk. This is a rather wobbly suspension bridge, hanging over the mountain. The highest in Europe, I think and not for the fainthearted. Below Emma and Alessio on the bridge, then a view from the bridge. Finally a photo of a drone which passed overhead.P1080047

2014-09-06 12.47.58


The summit is not the only area to visit on Mt Titlis. On the way down you can stop off at the lovely lake Trübsee. Here it is, seen from the cablecar on the way down.P1080056

It is a small lake and you can easily way all the way round, which we did, before settling down for a well earned coffee and cake. There was a lot of interest to see around the lake, including an unusual form of water transport. Here are some of the sights.P1080062




Mt Titlis lies above the little town of Engelberg. It seems a fine mountain town, but we had no time left to dally around. However here is a glimpse of the town from on high.P1080058



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