Indian Tulips – completed

I managed to finish stitching my project on Indian Tulips before Christmas. The design is based on a wonderful wall or canoply hanging from the V&A. Here is the finished piece.IMG_1540

I’ve tried to balance the central section with the tulips by adding some different flowers on both the  vertical and horizontal axis. The original is very busy with intricate lines and tiny flowers covering almost all of the fabric. I decided to go for the less is more approach and just highlight the flowers themselves.

The additional flowers are all stitched with two strands of Soie d’Alger threads, mainly in satin or long and short stitches. The stems and leaves are stitched with cotton threat in the main. Below are close-ups of these other flowers.



The finished piece is now away getting framed. I hope to submit it for display in the summer exhibition of the Scottish region of the Embroiderers Guild.

I am currently working on another Palestinian embroidery composition. The centre is my own design of a key, while the surround will consist of two traditional Palestinian motifs.  Photos to follow when I get the work completed.

Meanwhile a Happy New Year to everyone who reads this and in particular to all stitchers, may the year ahead be full of pleasant surprises.


2 thoughts on “Indian Tulips – completed

  1. Happy New Year! Wow, this is wonderful – love the colours and the texture. We went to see the Fabric of India exhibition last week and were breath-taken by some of the work there, this reminds me of some of them. Best wishes with selection, they jolly well should accept it. Keep stitching x

    • Thanks Anny, and best wishes for the coming year. I had hoped to see the Fabric of India exhibition when I was there last October. But we were running out of time, so I just raced round the galleries taking as many photos as I could of any embroidery I came across. A bit hectic and probably not the best way to enjoy the V&A.

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