A Day in Brighton

In October, while in London with Emma and Alessio, we all decided to spend a day in Brighton. Kathleen and I had visited the town many, many years ago, but this was Emma and Alessio’s first encounter. The journey by train was a bit on the long side, but we had a lovely, sunny day to explore the town. It was a long walk down from the station to the front, which had a few visitors, but was fairly quiet. The photos here are all primarily from the central parts of the town. First up the lovely Victoria fountain built in 1846 in an area known as Old Steine, now a public park.IMG_1299

Next a couple of fronts of buildings in the area just before the Royal Pavilion. IMG_1300IMG_1306

The Royal Pavilion itself is of course one of the glories of Brighton. Built for the Prince Regent, construction started in 1787, but most of the current complex was built in the 1820s. The pavilion has clear echoes of India and is set in lovely gardens. Below are glimpses of the pavilion and the gardens, including a musician with a zebra head.IMG_1311IMG_1313IMG_1314IMG_1317IMG_1316The other part of the old town that we liked was The Lanes, an area of narrow alleyways, full of cafes and boutique shops. A relic of the original town I think. Anyway very pleasant for wandering around of an afternoon. Below are photos of a couple of the building and a window with an intriguing display of cycles.IMG_1318IMG_1320IMG_1321

In The Lanes we found a very nice cafe where we could rest our weary legs and indulge in a bit of gluttony. The cafe was very pleasant inside and had a lovely, simple display of flowers on each table. Even lovelier and tastier was the cake!IMG_1323IMG_1324


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