Indian Tulips(2)

I am continuing to make good progress with my embroidery project based on a hanging from the collection at the V&A. The whole of the central section has been stitched, including the third tulip. Here is what it looks like at the moment.IMG_1539

The work is stitched with two strands of silk from the soie d’Alger collection, unless otherwise stated. Below is the third tulip, which is similar in design to the one on the left. This time though I have used a variegated silk thread for the central section, which is stitched with a raised satin stitch. The thread is a hand painted Japanese silk from Glissen Gloss, which they call Flame. This is a 12 ply silk and is very, very fine and delicate. I used four strands which is equivalent to two strands of cotton. The rest of the tulip is stitched in long and short shading with the same colours as in the other tulips.IMG_1531

Each tulip is connected by a stem to what may be another flower like shape. The stems are stitched in chain stitch with two strands of DMC cotton in very dark parrot green. The central section and the upper part of this flower are stitched with long and short shading in dark fuchsia. Two shades of red are used in the satin bands, while the yellow is a raised satin stitch. The two green sections feature a trellis stitch over a laid stitch. The trellis is stitched with three strands of Rajmahal sill/rayon in peacock green.IMG_1538

Below this is another flower like shape. The green section at the bottom is stitched in the same way with the same threads as in the flower above. There are six clear sections to this flower and four of them are stitched in long and short shading using four strands of the Japanese silk in Flame. The other three sections are filled with raised satin stitch in medium carnation. The inside lines are  made up of chain stitch using two strands of a medium light lavender.Version 2



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