Colour combinations – continued

I have continued with my little experiments with colour combinations.  Sticking with the same four-way bargello pattern and the same colour combinations, but in reverse order. Below is a photo with the two versions of the turquoise and red combination.


The idea was to see if it made any difference in intensity or feel, depending on which order the colours were used.  With these two colours I see the turquoise as providing the pattern in both examples, while the red is the background in both. For me the turquoise stands out a bit more.

Here are the other two pieces, this time in magenta and green.


This time my impression is not quite so clear cut. On the piece on the left the green definitely stands out for me and forms the pattern, with the magenta as the background. I am not so sure with the piece on the right. Sometimes I see the green as again forming the main pattern, but mostly I see the magenta as dominating this time. Strange in a way, but then again that is the beauty and mystery of colour.

I have one more combination to complete, the yellow and blue. Not sure when this will get done, as I am now well into my current project. This is a piece inspired by one of the lovely Indian embroideries I saw at the V&A. This will definitely be a slow work, which will keep be busy for some time.


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