Montrose Air Station

Last October, while Emma and Alessio were over here on holiday, we made the short journey up north to visit Britain’s first operational air base.Elena and Jamie joined us for the outing. There is now a small museum on what remains of the site and this lies on the outskirts of Montrose. The air base dates back all the way to February 1913, a timely establishment in the light of what happened the following year. There are three sections to the museum, though a fourth is due to open in the near future. Out in the open there are a few examples of 2nd World War planes, some original and others reconstructions. Then there is a small museum dedicated to home life during the war years and finally a grand hangar with some more planes along with engines and other plane parts.

As you enter the site you find the planes from the epoch in their glory. I am not much into airplanes of any kind, so I am not certain what the planes are, though I am sure one is a spitfire and there was a plaque which mentioned a Gloucester Meteor, but alas I can not remember which plane this was. Anyway here are some of the planes on display.

2014-10-11 11.36.43-12014-10-11 11.47.41-42014-10-11 11.44.03-4

There are some more planes inside the large hangar, including a German plane, which may date from the 1st World War.

2014-10-11 12.23.06-1

All kinds of other things can be found in this hangar from a Rolls Royce RB 168 Spey engine to military uniforms from the period, which were to the delight of all the children.

2014-10-11 12.18.03-42014-10-11 12.32.13 (1)2014-10-11 12.22.31-1

The small museum has models of what real air force staff wore during the war. Pretty glamorous they look too. Did they all look like that? The museum also has a couple of rooms furnished and decorated in the style of that period. This style of course lasted well into the years after the war and I can remember our family house in St Andrews looking not too dissimilar in the early 50s.

2014-10-11 12.14.16-42014-10-11 11.50.152014-10-11 11.50.26-3

Montrose Air station is well worth a visit for young and old alike, with plenty to see and touch. Montrose is itself a fine old Scottish burgh and worth a wander around. The town is on the coast and has a fine beach and inland there is the famous Montrose basin with its nature reserve. Plenty to see and do in Montrose.


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