More Blackwork Embroidery

I am making good progress with my latest embroidery project, which is another encounter with Blackwork. This time it is blackwork with black threads on white. The design is an abstract one, which I have used before, see here and here. The basic design is from an Issey Miyake fashion show, and I have now tried to do it justice in Blackwork. Here is the first two parts of the design.Version 2

As you can see I have used a different blackwork pattern for each main section. Both are from the RSN Guide to Blackwork. On the lower section I have used a Harlequin pattern and on the upper section a Tulip pattern. The Harlequin pattern is repeated six times on the lower section while in the upper section the Tulip pattern is repeated three times. Within each section I have tried to vary the intensity of the pattern by changing the thickness of the threads. I have used two strands and a single strand of DMC cotton for a more intense look, and a double and single thread of superfine silk for a lighter, more open look. the fabric is a 32 count Murano white made of 52% cotton and 48% modal. A bit easier to work with than linen and a bit cheaper too!

The Harlequin pattern was harder to stitch than envisaged, as there is little space between the lines and lots of intersections. Overall stitching with two strands of the silk was very difficult to control and get a smooth, even finish. But having started with this, I guess I just have to continue until it is all done. To complete the composition I have to stitch the other two sections, which consist of two and four parts respectively. Below are more photos of each of the two sections to show a bit more clearly the two patterns. Happy stitching!




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