Albufeira – Oddities and Crudities

The weather during our recent holiday in Albufeira was so hot for me, that I did not get round to taking as many photos as I would normally do. However I did manage to snap a few of the interesting and unusual sights which we stumbled across while walking around the town. Here is a selection of some of them. The old part of Albufeira is pretty old and most of the photos were taken in this part of the town. All that remains of the original buildings seems to be this bit of a wall of what was the castle.P1080526The old buildings do not seem to be particularly well looked after as can be seen from the following two photos.P1080670

P1080532Most of present day Albufeira is very new, though not much is worth photographing. But here are a couple of unusual snaps. First is a chimney, which is not what you would expect to find in the town, as it does not seem to have any industry. Then some of the very colourful flats which adorn the modern marina.P1080683 P1080538Still sticking with buildings, but this time what can be found on them, here are some of the more unusual names and number plates to be found around the town. P1080534 (1) P1080546 P1080682 P1080676Next up some photos that are more typical of the Algarve. First a gorgeous basket of flowers hanging outside a restaurant. Then an intricate sand sculpture on the main beach and finally a tile showing a Fado singer and his adoring audience.P1080520 P1080536 P1080539I end this little momento of Albufeira with a couple of personal photos. The first is some of our shoes lying in the sunshine as they tried to dry after they got soaking wet during our boat trip along the coast. I end with one of my personal highlights of the week, a Blue Curaçao cocktail.P1080658 P1080517


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