Wemyss Cat

I have been on a bit of a roll with stitching projects recently. All of them experiments with colour combinations based on complementary colours – red and green; violet and yellow and orange and blue. I have now tried all three combinations and the results do stand out a bit. The largest piece was based on one of the ceramic cats from Wemyss Ware pottery in Ceres, Fife. They make a wide selection of lovely hand painted pottery, including cats. We have our own mini collection of some of their cats, including the one that features on their webpage. This is the one that I used for the outline for my embroidery piece. I printed out a photo of the cat, made a tracing of this and then transferred it onto the fabric. This was a 28ct Brittney in pine green. Brittney is a 52% cotton and 48% modal mix, and is a good substitute for linen, especially for blackwork embroidery. Though in this case I was going to use red threads for the stitching. Here is the finished piece.

IMG_0775The face is pretty much as on the original pottery cat, but the body is all my own composition, using various blackwork patterns. I used two threads, a DMC cotton and a very fine Gütermann silk. For variation in density I moved from three, two and one strand of the cotton. The silk was a single thread, which I doubled up for added thickness on occasion.  The two colours do stand out and I am getting quite fond of this combination.

For the other combinations I stitched some much smaller pieces to go on cards. These are for the exhibition which the Dundee Embroiderer’s Guild will be staging in October. The cards will be for sale to help raise money for the exhibition.  I have stitched three of these cards, one in each of the colour combinations. The orange and blue combination features two enso zen circles in orange on a blue linen fabric.  For the violet and yellow combination I decided to stitch a traditional Palestinian motif, Disc of Stars. This is in cross stitch and I used three hues of violet on a yellow Aida fabric. To complete the set I returned to red and green with a design of my own with three green hues on a bright red Aida fabric.  Here they are, firmly glued onto the cards.IMG_0780IMG_0778IMG_0782I am currently working on a small Bargello project. This is a four-way Bargello design, which I hope will fit into an IKEA frame I bought months ago. This should be finished by the weekend, as I am off to Portugal for a family holiday next week. Happy stitching!


4 thoughts on “Wemyss Cat

    • Embroidery is a very slow way of working, at least for me. You do need a lot of patience, especially when you keep making mistakes and have to unpick a section and begin again. I usually listen to music or an audiobook while stitching, so it is a good around activity.

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