Bargello Medley Finished

I have now completed the Bargello medley project I was working on. One of my larger projects, size wise. I really enjoyed stitching this one, even though it took me 70 hours of stitching to complete. In the end I decided to leave a small amount of the design unstitched. As the fabric is a fairly neutral grey, these unstitched bits do not stand out particularly. They kinda blend into the overall design. Here is the finished piece.

IMG_0750 (1)

Below is a bit more detail of the section with the unstitched bits.

Version 2

The piece is now off to get framed. As ever, not sure what happens with it then! I am well on with my current work, which is a project in crewel embroidery. I have tentatively entitled this one Thistles, as it features three thistly like shapes, along with lots of other very loosely plant like designs. Here is a view of one of the thistles with a bit of the stem like connecting thread.



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