An Optical Illusion?

I am making good progress with my Bargello medley project, though there was a pause while I was away in Switzerland. While showing the work to the stitching group, one of them suggested turning it upside down. On doing this the clear outline of a vase appeared on the right hand side. A bit of an optical illusion in a way, as I had nothing specific in mind when designing the work. Also the piece was meant to be shown the other way round. Now that I have discovered this hidden vase shape, I will keep it this way round.


In part the illusion may be due to the fact that the vase like shape is not fully stitched. When it is all complete it may look different again. However I have become quite attached to the way it looks with some of the fabric left unstitched. For some future projects I plan to include some unstitched bits in the design. Below are a couple of more detailed photos.




2 thoughts on “An Optical Illusion?

  1. Superb! And I know exactly what you mean – I also occasionally find something in the design that I didn’t intend to put there, and that in a way makes it even more exciting. I love the way this is coming along.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. I have now completed the piece, so it will appear in its fullness sooner or later. I finally decided to leave a few bits unstitched. On to new challenges!

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