Blackwork piece completed!

I have at long last finished stitching the Blackwork piece. This was the design we were presented with, at the introductory course in Blackwork, run by Helen McCook from the Royal School of Needlework. The one day course was way back on 31 January. It has taken me all this time to complete the work. Mainly because I decided to work on this piece in between other work. However it is now done, if not dusted. I enjoyed this venture into Blackwork, though it was very difficult at times, especially when stitching with the superfine silk thread on the Belfast linen. However I definitely intend to do more of this type of work in the future. Though perhaps not quite so intricate.



One thought on “Blackwork piece completed!

  1. This is so delicate and exquisite – I hugely admire your attention to the details and ability to stick with this – and it’s very topical too, so much Tudor stuff in the media lately, and lots of examples of blackwork – great to see you continuing the technique.

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