Spring has sprung!

With the passing of the spring equinox last weekend, we are well and truly into spring. It is not alas all that springtime weather here in Dundee. The cold wind gives a distinctly wintery feel to the place just now. Still to cheer us up a bit I thought I would dip into my photos from previous springtimes to bring a bit colour and warmth to these pages. I start with a very colourful and impressive field of spring flowers which we saw in Holland a couple of years ago.P1000889

Most of the following photos were taken in our garden in sunnier days.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnfortunately the beautiful camellia in the last photo is no longer with us. After many years of faithful service the plant became waterlogged and sadly died. It was one of our favourite plants and most years produced a glorious display of lively pink blooms. I must remember to buy another.

Spring is not just the season for flowers. Nature abounds with new life and we are lucky to live within easy distance of the countryside. Below are two photos typical of spring and early summer. The first is a group of lambs and the second a lovely butterfly enjoying the sun and flowerheads.P1060415


Back to flowers and what is probably my favourite of all spring flowers – the tulip. Such variety in colour and size, and all perfect for surviving our cold winters. I end with three photos of tulips. One side of our front garden usually provides us with a gorgeous display of red and yellow tulips, particularly if I remember to do the weeding! The first photo is a good example of how colourful this can be when the tulips are in full bloom. The final two show tulips just before their full flowering, which is often when they are at their best. The first is a group of stately deep purple tulips followed by a solitary flower with its petals just about to explode into their full glory.P1080341




The title for this post comes from a phrase in the song You make me feel so young.  Written in 1946, the same year as my birth, I have always had a bit of a soft spot for this song. It is also the first song on one of my all time favourite LPs – Songs for Swinging Lovers by Frank Sinatra. You can see and hear the great man below in a version from 1965. The other version has the lyrics as a bonus. Happy springtime to everyone.




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