Bargello Sampler

For my current stitching project I have returned to one of my favourite forms of embroidery – Bargello. I was inspired to create this piece by a photo I found via pinterest. Entitled Bargello Fantasy, this was a medley of various Bargello patterns. So, suitably inspired I set about designing my own medley. The great thing about Bargello is that there are so many patterns to choose from, all of which can be varied in all sorts of ways. The finished piece will be 180mmX465mm. The fabric is 18ct Aida in a neutral light grey colour. I have outlined the rectangle with whipped back stitch using a perle thread in grey. This stitch was also used for the wavy line which divides the rectangle into two sections. The Bargello patterns will be stitched primarily with two strands of DMC cotton in cornflower blues, blue violets and violets, with a couple of Rajmahal Artsilk threads to liven things up. For one of the patterns I have also used a small amount of satin thread in gold. Here is what it looks like at the moment.IMG_0683The composition is made up of eight largish sections, each with its own Bargello pattern. Some of these also feature a tiny example of another Bargello pattern, just to break up the large sections a bit. I am quite taken with this idea of introducing a bit of another pattern into a larger section. In one case, an elongated diamond, I have split this into two mini sections. You can just about make this out on the section in violets, one up from the bottom on the left. I plan to use this idea of breaking up Bargello patterns in some future project.

As you can see I have been working on a bit of each pattern in turn. This adds a bit of variety to the work and has the additional benefit of seeing the overall composition come to life step by step. There is still a long way to go as this project will keep me busy for some time yet.

From time to time to avoid too much of a good thing I return to my Blackwork study. This was the design from the introductory course in Blackwork which I attended way back at the end of January. Progress with this is somewhat intermittent, but I am more than halfway there. Below is the current state of play.  Happy stitching to one and all.IMG_0684


2 thoughts on “Bargello Sampler

  1. Your Bargello Medley is looking good. I, too, like the idea of introducing a contrasting pattern.
    I am curious, however, as to why you do Bargello on Aida rather than needlepoint canvas or Congress Cloth?

    • I am not very familiar with the various types of fabric used in embroidery. I got started with Aida and have just stuck with it, at least for most of my work with stranded cotton threads. Not sure in what way needlepoint canvas is different from Aida and Congress cloth is new to me. Thanks for your kind comments.

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