A Red Sea

I have now finished stitching my latest embroidery piece, which I have entitled, A Red Sea, for obvious reasons. The fabric is a bright coral red linen, and this time I strengthened the fabric by adding an iron-on fabric to the back. This has made such a difference to stitching with wool. Any mistakes or irregularities are mine alone this time around.  Here is the finished work.  IMG_0652

I used one strand of Paternayan Persian wool for just about everything. A couple of the sea plants were stitched with two strands. Four shades of blue were used for the fishes and the whales, with a bit of purple here and there. Two of the fishes feature a section in satin blocks in various colours, but blues predominate.  While four shades of green plus a little red were used for the sea plants.

This project is as much a sampler as anything, as I used it to try out a variety of new stitches. These included trellis and wave stitch, spider’s web, blanket stitch, coral stitch and many others. I finally got round to experimenting with some of the knot stitches – French, Danish, pistil and bullion. With the backing fabric it was easy to work with the wool threads.

As ever, I am not sure what to do with the piece now that it is stitched. Ideally I would like to attach it to some driftwood and perhaps add a shell or two, to keep in with the fishy theme. I am slowly and intermittently progressing with the RSN Blackwork piece. Happy stitching.


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