Reading Targets – 2015

I will not be entering into any reading challenges for this year, as I usually find them a bit constricting. However I have set myself some targets to guide my choice of reading material. Not much different from previous years in all honesty. But this time I fully intend to honour them in full – honestly!

Most of my reading consists of books in the crime genre. I enjoy nearly all of them thoroughly and will continue to find much pleasure in them. However I continually try to break out of this comfort zone and venture a bit further afield. So a simple target is to read more general fiction novels. I did not too badly in this respect last year with 24 fiction novels to go along with the 32 crime novels.

I was not at all successful with my two other targets. For someone who has a great interest in history and current affairs I am always perplexed at how few non-fiction books I read. My, not very ambitious, target is to read at least one non-fiction book per month. But even that escaped me last year. A miserable four books was all I could muster over the year and all in the first five months. It was the same with my other ongoing target, to read one book in Spanish per month. Again I started last year rather well with four novels by May. But thereafter, nada.

Last year was a bit unusual in that from August onwards I barely managed to read three months per month. This year I hope there will be no such lacunae. My targets remain much the same – read more general fiction, non-fiction and books in Spanish. I have already made a good start in this latter respect, as I am well into Serpientes en el paraiso. A crime novel as luck would have it. I am reading it on my iPad, after buying the book on iTunes. This is a fairly new venture for me, but I was pleasantly surprised at how relatively cheap some of these books were. I use my library for the bulk of my reading and only spend money when the library is bare – typical mean Fifer! Which is often the case with works in other languages. So iTunes may be a happy blessing for me.

Anyway may 2015 prove to be an interesting and enjoyable year for us all, at least when it comes to reading.


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