Spirals in Silk

Before going on our holiday in Switzerland, I managed to complete a couple of projects. The first was the one with the luxurious silk knitting threads. This was another abstract design with overlapping curved lines and spirals.  Everything was stitched in a very simple vertical stitch – a sort of Free Form Bargello.  The gold thread was used as the base and the red and purple for the lines and spirals. It was lovely to work with these threads and I still have plenty of them left for other projects. The final piece is quite vivid, and as usual I have nothing particular in mind as to what to do with the piece. Here it is.P1070894

The other embroidery piece was a bookmark. For this I used an pattern from my collection of traditional Palestinian embroidery designs – chickpeas and raisins. I have used this design before, but wanted to repeat it on a bright red canvas.P1070899



2 thoughts on “Spirals in Silk

  1. Loved your information about Palestinian embroidery. As stitcher and advocate for Palestine – this is perfect. As an aside, also nuts for biscornu. I am starting a new project w/ waste canvas (palestinian style) – still trying to figure out threads sizes, etc. I found a piece I started 20 years ago – before starting a stitching class…oh, the work is NOT good – except of course the lovely design. If you are back from Journey perhaps you can email me at catemarkey @ sbcglobal.net Many thanks.

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