The Cotswolds – Oddities and Crudities

Earlier this month we had a lovely holiday in the Cotswolds with Emma and Alessio. We were based in Gloucester for most of the time and managed to tour around the beautiful countryside and visit a couple of the high profile towns – Bath and Oxford. We were also blessed with glorious sunshine and, for us, very hot weather. Lots of photos were added to the collection and I intend to do a few posts based on our visits. Here though is a gentle introduction to the area with some of the more unusual or more interesting sights.

You cannot visit Bath and hope to escape without at least one encounter with Jane Austen. Didn’t know that she went out for breakfast while staying there.P1070252Still in Bath, Alessio came across this apple. Perhaps a relic from a William Tell re-enactment?P1070264Gloucester was another interesting town, less of a tourist attraction and more of a working town. Though it has its fair share of beautiful buildings. This unusual and well crafted front of a watchmaker and jeweller caught my eye.P1070316Oxford was the other main town we visited and there were plenty of oddities to see there. Here are a couple which caught my eye. The first is a fine sign advertising Cafe Creme, which is our regular coffee order in Zürich.  Not sure what this has to do with bespoke tailoring though? The other is not really odd, though this kind of very expensive sports car is a bit rare on the ground up here in Dundee.P1070538P1070574The rest of our time in the Cotswolds was spent driving around the countryside and visiting some of the very pretty small towns and villages with the odd castle and garden thrown in for a bit of variety. Winchcombe provided another example of something else that is probably even rarer in Scotland. Conservative MPs are rare enough, but Conservative Working Mens clubs must be just about non existent. Nice simple sign though.P1070427We came across lots of lovely signs on our journeys and below are three fine examples. First up is a name plate on a house in Tewkesbury and I only hope that there is a real Pickwick connection with the town. Then a beautiful door knocker from the lovely village of Stanton and finally  two signs for the price of one. Both are to found in Stow on the Wold. I couldn’t resist Stuart House with its obvious Scottish origin, but I just loved the juxtaposition with the New England coffee house. Is there an Old England coffee house anywhere?P1070504P1070606P1070684One of the unexpected highlights of our wanderings was to discover the beautiful little village of Lower Slaughter. Strange name! However it is a real gem of a place and we stopped for lunch in one of the two hostelries in the village. Inside we found a couple of unusual items. First is a reproduction of an old poster advertising Hovis bread. I had to explain the significance of the poster to one of the guests. The next photo is positive proof that we have become a slighter taller than our ancestors. Even I just managed to scrape unscathed below the bar. I end this little tour of the Cotswolds with one of the colourful scarecrows to be found in the kitchen gardens at Hidcote. Methinks this one is so lovely that it is more likely to attract birds than to scare them off. Perhaps a fitting way to sum up the Cotswolds.P1070730P1070733P1070659



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