Another embroidery experiment

Following on from my previous project I kept to the same basic layout  for my next project.  This consists of 36 rectangles in total in a six by six composition. The idea came from some paintings we saw last year in Copenhagen at the Danish Architecture Centre. The fabric for this project was a 18ct Aida in pale green.  As with the previous experiment, six of the rectangles were left unstitched. Here is the finished work. P1070168This version is more like the original in that each rectangle, other than  the six left bare, are fully covered with the stitching. I again limited myself to two main colours – purples and greens.  To add some variety I used two shades of purple and three shades of green. The rectangles for each shade were all stitched with the same stitch pattern. The five stitches were: Byzantine and Jacquard in the purples and Moorish, Milanese and Florence in the greens.  Most of the work is stitched with two strands of DMC cotton. However to add a bit more variety and some texture I stitched some of the rectangles with other threads. Silk, metallic, satin, perle and a Caron watercolour make up these additional threads.

All in all I enjoyed this project and I particularly like working with perle cotton and the Caron watercolour. The size of the finished piece was designed to fit into an old frame I have lying about. Alas, a fair amount of stretching took place during the stitching and the work is no longer square, so I will need to think of what else to do with the finished piece. Below is a photo of some of the original paintings from Copenhagen.P1050207To complete this update on my stitching, I end with a photo of the other project based on these Copenhagen paintings. This one is based on lines and the finished work looks like this.P1070774


3 thoughts on “Another embroidery experiment

  1. Alister I think this has worked really well – I love the way you’ve used the colours and textures. Have you tried wetting the piece and blocking it? I’m not sure how aida reacts, so perhaps you’s best test another piece, but I’ve been surprised how far I’ve been able to stretch back some of my canvas pieces – might be worth trying – a shame not to present such a good piece.

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