An experiment and another biscornu

My current embroidery project is a bit of an experiment for me. I am back again to working with the same cotton/linen fabric I  used for the Thistles design. For this project I have divided the fabric into 36 rectangles. Some will be left empty, while the remaining 28 rectangles will be filled with embroidery designs. There are seven different shapes in all. Five are made up using straight lines and the other two use curves. Each design will be repeated four times in the same basic colour. Here is what it looks like at the moment.P1070025

The five shapes with straight lines will all be stitched in browns and creams, while the curves will be stitched in blues. Most of the threads are DMC cotton. However to add a bit of variety for each design I have decided to stitch one of the shapes with a different thread, either silk, satin, perle or antique effects. The outline of the rectangles has been stitched with a linen thread using a whipped stem stitch. I am still getting used to the overall composition as it emerges. But it does look a bit unusual. I am now swithering about whether to leave each shape as a simple outline, or whether to fill in some of the smaller squares, or whether to insert something in the centre of some of the shapes, a knot for example.  Lots more stitching ahead before I need to decide.

Before I started on this project I managed to fit in another biscornu.P1070027P1070026 As usual this was a pattern from the ever inventive Louison, whose site you can visit here. The fabric is an 18ct Aida in pale blue. For the stitching I used two strands of a hand dyed cotton, called Guimauve, from Les Fils du Rhin.  I love stitching these apparently simple little objects.  Happy stitching!


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