Red Squirrel Trail in Falkland

Recently we made a little trip to the lovely Fife village of Falkland. Most famous for its renaissance royal palace and the Lomond Hills, Falkland is also a fine place for gentle walks through the woods of Falkland estate. One of the most popular is the return walk to the Pillars of Hercules organic farm and café. There are various routes to choose from and this time we utilized the Red Squirrel Trail. There are red squirrels in the woods, but alas, we did not encounter any on our walk. Nevertheless it was a very interesting and enjoyable walk with lots of unusual things to see. Though there were no live squirrels to be seen, we did come across a couple of sculptured ones as you can see below.
Throughout the walk there are lots of examples of cut trees and sculptures made from the trees, some free-standing and others of a more artistic nature.
There are plenty of other wonderful sights to see along the walk and I end with a few of them, including some of the bright spring flowers.


2 thoughts on “Red Squirrel Trail in Falkland

  1. You’ve reminded me I must go back to Falkland. I went once on a quite literal ‘flying visit’ to see a printer for work. As the taxi drove past the palace, I realised I’d made a huge mistake not to stay over and explore.

    • Definitely worth a stay, with lovely walks and climbs, not to mention the palace which is part of the National Trust. Also there are some very fine tea shops in the village as well as at Pillars of Hercules.

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