My First Cushion Completed

With not a little trepidation I approached the moment of truth with my attempt to make a cushion cover. I had pinned and outlined the hem of the two parts of the back of the cover. Now I had to sew the hem using a machine! Our tutor had brought along her own very fancy Bernina machine. I had managed to get a little practice on this the week before, but this would be my first real go with a sewing machine. Deep breaths and off we went! The hemming was OK as it turned out. Just one line really and the running stitches made it fairly easy to keep a straightish line. So far so good. Now I had to pin the front and the back pieces together and then sew round all four sides. This was not so simple at all. I had not used a running stitch for a guide, but hoped I could just keep the sewed line straight. Easier said than done! I kept veering inside towards the centre and had to restitch bits a couple of times. The different weights of the two fabrics was another complicating factor. The cotton/linen mix for the back was quite heavy and kept crunching up. I had to constantly stop and reset the fabric. Still it all worked out reasonably well in the end. The cushion did fit into the cover, though it is a tight fit. If I ever do this again I will allow for a longer piece of fabric for the back. I may have to add a bit of velcro to keep the back envelope in place. Anyway it is all done, if not dusted. Many thanks to Jane, our tutor, for her help and patience. Here is the front and back.P1060283



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