A Biscornu and stitching plans

After a gap of almost a year I have finished stitching a new biscornu. The pattern was another one Louison’s lovely designs – No 210. I used an Aida fabric in light green and stitched it with two strands of DMC cotton in two shades of grey – a pearly grey and a dark pewter grey. Here are the two sides of the finished biscornu.

I have recently joined a Textile and Embroidery class. It meets once a week in a room in the Royal Tay Yacht Club. All the other participants in the class are women, as is probably the case with most embroidery classes. Anyway the idea is to get some ideas and guidance for new projects. So far I have begun to make a cushion cover and to stitch an owl. The cushion cover is to use up a piece I stitched at the end of last year. I have bought some fabric in a green linen/cotton mix for the back of the cushion. The two sides have been cut to size and the back has been further cut into two pieces. I had to make a hem at the edge of each piece and stitch this with a running stitch. Which I found quite hard to do, at least to keep a straight line. Next week I get to finish this hem on a sewing machine and then sew the two sides together, again with the machine. A whole new experience for me. The back of the cushion will make a kind of envelope for inserting the cushion.

The other project I have started at the class is an owl. For this I am using a free design from Elsa Mora which I downloaded from the web. So far I have just traced the basic outline of the large owl onto the fabric. I am quite excited about this project and am looking forward to experimenting with some new stitches to fill in the owls and the flowers. Below is Elsa Mora’s design. Wish me luck!


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