Mauve Parfait Finished and Framed

On Friday I managed to finish stitching my first embroidery project for the year. This was a version in mauves and blue of a design from Pauline Fisher and Anabel Lasker’s book, Bargello Magic. The piece was stitched on an 18ct Aida fabric in light green. The size of the finished piece was chosen to fit into a mount and a frame that I had previously picked up second hand. The silver/grey of the frame contrast nicely with the mauves of the bargello pattern. Here it is ensconced in its new frame.
Continuing with my decision to start the year with fairly easy pieces, I am now working on another design from Bargello Magic. This is one of a series of designs all based on a basic diamond outline which they call Fused Diamonds. Nothing much to show as yet, as I have barely started on the outline. A brief word on the light green Aida fabric which I use a lot. A couple of years ago our local art and craft shop closed and everything was sold off at much reduced prices. I picked up a whole roll of this light green Aida for next to nothing. I have loads of it left, so I try to use it as often as possible for my stitching projects. Which explains why nearly all my work is stitched on a green background. Happy stitching!


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