First Stitching Project for 2014

Earlier this week I got around to starting a new stitching project. After all the excitement of Christmas and New Year I wanted something relatively simple and something that would not take up too much time to complete. For inspiration I returned to my old faithful companion – Pauline Fisher and Anabel Lasker’s Bargello Magic. The one I chose is called Pink Parfait in the book and is classified as for Beginners – a suitable choice to begin the new year. I am always amazed at why designers give particular names to their creations. The example for Pink Parfait illustrated in the book is certainly in pinks, but what has Parfait got to do with it?. Anyway it is a lovely, harmonious design. For my project I am using a slightly different colour scheme. Most of the colours are shades of mauve, though one is actually dark grape, but it is very close to mauve, so it counts as far as I am concerned. The novelty is the introduction of a contrasting colour, in this case turquoise. Here is what it looks like at the moment.
I have used this particular pattern before as part of a more complex composition. Then all the colours were shades of green. The absence of a contrast gives a very different look to the resulting piece as you can see below.
As ever alert readers will have noticed I have changed the look of the blog. I have moved from Chateau theme to Twenty Twelve. I am looking for a format that is good for photos, but do not want to pay for a premium theme. This one probably isn’t that suitable for this purpose, but I will give it a try out for the rest of the month to see how I feel about it. Any comments would be welcome.


2 thoughts on “First Stitching Project for 2014

  1. Happy New Year Alister.

    Looks like you’ve chosen another stunning project – wonderful to see the variations in effect from adding contrasting colours.

    I know what you mean about finding a WordPress theme that works for you – I’ve tried several over the years and I still keep a look out for something coming along that appeals, I think you’re right to have a play with them – some are very good indeed for photographs, but poor on typography – it’s a compromise, but I’m like you, happy to find something without paying extra.

    Look forward to seeing the new piece develop.

  2. And a Happy New Year to you Anny. I will keep on fiddling about with wordpress themes now and again. There are some really weird ones out there. Happy stitching!

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