Cushion cover complete

Last week I finally managed to complete the stitching of the projected cushion cover. It turned out to be an even more daunting exercise than I thought at the beginning. Just over 80 hours was spent on the stitching, spread out across 44 days. Here it is, just off the frame.
At 40cm square it is by far the largest piece I have stitched so it is perhaps not surprising that it took so long to finish. The design is based on a pattern I discovered on a visit to Kellie castle in Fife. The fabric is a 18ct aida in light green and the threads are all two strands of DMC cotton. The colours are light old gold, very dark violet, bright chartreuse, very dark parrot with a very light yellow green in the centre. It was an unusual experience stitching this piece. I have never before worked on such a large area with just the one repeating pattern. It made it all a very different experience. While I still enjoyed the project, I do prefer projects with a bit more variety. So I am not likely to repeat this particular piece any time soon.

This completed my stitching work for the year and I am now having a bit of a rest. It was quite an eventful year with the highlight most definitely the Great Tapestry of Scotland. This took up seven weeks of actual stitching, not to mention the hours spent researching Victorian Dundee. All very exciting and tremendously enjoyable. It was also of course wonderful to see the fnished piece hanging at the Parliament alongside the other 165 panels. In addition to the tapestry I see from my records that I completed another 16 projects during the year. Some were little projects such as biscornus or bookmarks, but most were fairly substantial pieces of work. To my surprise I only managed one project with Palestinian designs – three bookmarks. Next year I must include at least one major project using traditional Palestinian designs. As expected a lot of my work features Bargello patterns, hence the title of this blog. Bargello is definitely my favourite style for embroidery. Other than the work for the tapestry panel, my favourite piece is probably what I call the Silver Rose. This features three Charles Rennie Mackintosh style roses, each with a bargello background. Here it is below.

Next year of course I hope to include some knitting projects as well as continuing with my stitching. At the moment my mind is a blank, but as soon as the New Year celebrations are over I will have to get my thinking and inspiration cap on again.


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