Merry Christmas

Christmas Day is fast approaching and all is relatively quiet in the Rutherford household. Emma and Alessio are over from Switzerland, so the house is a bit more lively than usual. Alessio is quite fascinated by my embroidery work and always asks if he can do some too. He started the last time he was here and I kept the canvas he was working on. So he is now adding a second pattern and at this moment he is stitching away quite engrossed. He is pretty good and can make a good stab at following a pattern. Will be interesting to see if keeps this up as he grows older.

Tomorrow we head over the river to visit Elena, our other daughter, and her two boys, for Christmas lunch. So it should be a more relaxing day for me after the hectic shopping. If the weather improves we hope to get in a walk on Boxing Day, before everyone ends up back here for lunch. As we are all pretty busy just now, there will be little in the way of posting over the next few days. I end with a photo of Alessio and his stitching sample, and wish everyone best wishes.


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