Swiss Colour

Continuing with a theme of bring a bit of summer colour into our lives at this cold and dark time of the year, I offer some snaps taken on our last holiday in Switzerland in September. Though getting into autumn there is still plenty of warm colours around to revive the spirits. I start with what is perhaps a rather unusual place – cemeteries. Over here they tend to be quite unkempt and dark places. In Switzerland in our experience the public cemeteries are all beautifully kept and maintained and throughout the summer full of colourful plants. The first photo is from the Kilchberg cemetery and the second is of the one in Lauterbrunnen.
Window displays in Switzerland are another source of cheery colour as can be seen from the two below, both taken in Zürich.
Even houses can provide some brightness. In the first photo below the colour comes from the flowers in the garden of this traditional wooden house in Wengen. In the second photo it is the houses themselves, in Kilchberg, which provide the colour.
Exhibitions are of course another place where you can come across some unusual examples of colour and design. The next two photos are from the exhibition in Zürich of Japanese fashion designers.
The Swiss countryside is perhaps the best source of warm, sunny colours. Fields and hillsides are awash with plants, both of the garden and wild varieties. I end this post with a selection of flowers, the first two from Kilchberg and Rüschlikon, while the final two are examples of the wild flowers to found around Lake Pfäffikon.


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