Whither Homeland?

from-left-to-right-stars-of-showtimes-homeland-mandy-patinkin-saul-barenson-claire-danes-carrie-matheson-damien-lewis-nicholas-brodyWe are now, at least here in Scotland, halfway through series 3 of Homeland. I missed the first series, but very much enjoyed the second series. This ended with a big bang, literally. The CIA building was blown up with lots of lives lost. Brody was immediately blamed, but we of course knew better. He was sexually engaged with Carrie at the time the bomb went off and there was no way he could have detonated the bomb. Carrie knows this too and helps Brody escape to Canada.

My expectation was that this new series would focus primarily on Carrie trying to prove Brody’s innocence. It sort of started that way, but almost immediately veered off into unknown territory. Brody has hardly featured in the series so far. Only one of the six episodes to date has involved him. He somehow landed up broke and injured in Caracas and was last seen as a heroin addict, kept in captivity by some drug dealer.

In the meantime Carrie has been outed by her boss Saul as a dangerous psychologically unstable risk, placed in psychiatric confinement, only to be released with the help of some Iranian front organization. This is where alarm bells began to ring for me. Why all this doom laden concern and fear of Iran? The most recent episodes have developed this Iranian connection and it has some way still to run. But why? It just seems designed to placate the most paranoid of American viewers. It may also have something to do with the Israeli team who still help produce and write the series. For just about all Israelis, and in particular right wing Israelis, Iran is the number one enemy in the whole world. Beats me as to why, but there you are. I suppose we should be thankful that such a popular US series exposes for the rest of us just how irrational US intelligence is. And how gun happy and brutal. As is the Iranian spy chief. Two wrongs do not a right make.

While this Iranian caper occupies most of the action, a couple of other subplots are running along quite nicely. The political infighting over who runs the CIA and the personal struggles of Brody’s daughter Dana feature in just about every episode. Not sure how the Dana story will develop, if at all. She has just left home and changed her surname. Perhaps this will be the last of Dana. Who knows.

The acting and suspense is still very good, but I am just very disappointed in the direction the main story line has taken. The Iranian spy line just seems implausible to me, and I wish more was made of what happens to Brody. I may yet get my wish, as it transpires during episode 6 that Carrie is pregnant, and presumably the father is Brody. Will this be enough to turn her attention back to the fate of the father of her unborn child?


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