Berlin – Oddities and Crudities

In spring 2010 we had a wonderful city break in Berlin. Shortly after returning I wrote a post on our visit, Berlin – First Impressions, which you can find here. As the title suggests I had intended to follow this up with some more posts on our visit. Now, over three years later, I have finally got round to rectifying this miss. This particular post will focus on some of the odder sights we saw in the city.

Berlin is full of public ornamentation. Most is of a serious nature, though sculptures of a humorous bent were also to be seen. Below are a couple which gently poke fun at some of the iconic symbols of German history. The first is a parody of the quadriga which sits atop the Brandenburg Gate. This one though, which stands on Kürfurstendamm, is made with Buddy Bears. The second one is a gentle reminder to all would be heros, that even they sometimes have bad days!
Some more public works of art, though of a very contrasting nature. Many walls and outsides of buildings have been covered with illustrations by unknown artists. The first one below shows part of a beautiful mural on a building which overlooks one of the suburban railway stations. This is followed by a nice juxtaposition of the old and the modern. It shows the remains of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial church alongside its modern bell tower.
Berlin is full of wonderful museums and art galleries, both public and private. Below are a couple of photos from two of the museums. First up is a tea set by an American designer. I did not get his name, but examples of his work, including the set below, can be found in the fascinating Museum of Decorative Arts/Kunstgewerbemuseum. I include this photo as I used the design pattern as the basis for an embroidery piece. The other photo is of an unusual and colourful display of women’s tights. This came from a temporary exhibition on High Sixties Fashion in the Art Library/Kunstbibliothek.
The following photo shows a building almost covered in greenery. Clearly Berliners take the green revolution seriously.
I end this collection of oddities with some photos with a personal connection. We were surprised to discover that out daughter, Emma, had her very own restaurant in Berlin, so I just had to take the first photo below. On our travels in and out of restaurants we found a local pub called The Fat Landlady/Die Dicke Wirtin. Lovely traditional decor and the photo shows a pensive Kathleen reflected in a mirror. We could not visit Berlin without passing by Checkpoint Charlie. Kathleen again features in this photo besides two cold war relics.


One thought on “Berlin – Oddities and Crudities

  1. Love the Superman – although that probably makes me a very unpleasant person! BTW I used to work with a chap who had been a military policeman based at Checkpoint Charlie – I think he was very happy to have an office job in Harrogate.

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